Cypress Fish Chair
Made with cypress and
rust-resistant screws

Individually handcrafted

Extra-wide armrests

(chair + ottoman)
2 Piece Set - $225        
A different look to the natural cypress fish chair
and table, this edition features a two-tone look
of Ultimate White and Aqua Mist stains.  Each
piece receives two coats of these cool summer
colors. (Also available in Ultimate White and
Nantucket Blue)

Fresh Breeze Chair - $295

Fresh Breeze Table - $175

"School" of Painted Fish - $700
(2 Chairs & 1 Table) Savings of  $65
Fish Coffee Table
Table - $135
A "School" of Fish
Buy two cypress fish chairs
and a fish table for
$625, a
savings of $60.
This sturdy cypress
coffee table helps
complete the fish
chair set.
Fish Furniture
-Designed, Built,
and Distributed by
John Alan Parker.
Fresh Breeze Fish Pieces
4030 Lassiter Road
Four Oaks, North Carolina 27524